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10 Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida

A city located in Pasco County is explained on Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida. The 2014 census stated that the city was inhabited by 14,381 people. In the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area, Zephyrhills receives the status as a suburb. Captain Harold B. Jeffries was the founder of the community in 1910. It was established as Abbot Station. He had an intention to give the Civil War veterans a home in the community.

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 1: the famous company

The famous company located in the city is Zephyrhills bottled Water Company. The name was taken from the city’s name.  The base of the company is located here.

fun facts about zephyrhills florida

fun facts about zephyrhills florida

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 2: A Founders Day celebration

To honor the founder of Zephyrhills Florida, the local people will celebrate a Founders Day celebration in March.

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 3: the number of people

The city was occupied by 2,986 families and 10,883 people based on the census conducted in 2000.

zephyrhills map

zephyrhills map

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 4: the racial diversity

Zephyrhills was mostly occupied by the white people who accounted for 92.63 percent of the population. The African-Americans and Native Americans accounted for 2.79 percent and 0.23 percent respectively. Other people who lived here include the Pacific islanders, Latin, and Asians.

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 5: the median income

The females had the median income of $21,648, while the males had the median income of $29,375 in 2005.

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 6: the notable people

The notable people who come from Zephyrhills include a fashion designer Tracy Negoshian, a pro wrestler Prince Iaukea, and a racecar driver Buzzie Reutimann.

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 7: the climate

During the summer season, Zephyrhills has the humid and hot weathers. The winter season is dry.

historic jeffries house

historic jeffries house

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 8: the climate classification

The climate in Zephyrhills is categorized as humid subtropical climate based on the Koppen Climate system.

Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 9: the income of Zephyrhills people

Zephyrhills has the per capita income of $18,047. The people who lived below the poverty line were 12.1 percent.



Fun Facts about Zephyrhills Florida 10: Zephyrhills Public Library

In 1912, Zephyrhills Public Library was established in the city. The City’s Depot Museum is also managed by the staffs who work in the library. In 2014, the city had a new library.

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10 Fun Facts about Zaxby’s

The following Fun Facts about Zaxby’s will inform the readers about a chain franchise of fast food restaurant which serves the customers with different kinds of casual menus such as chicken fingers, chicken wings, salads and sandwiches. There are at least 800 locations of Zaxby’s in Southern United States. That is the primary location of the restaurant. Let us get other interesting facts about Zaxby’s by reading the below post:

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 1: the notable menu

The notable menus from Zaxby’s that customers like to order include the Texas toast, crinkle fries, drink cup and chicken fingers.

fun facts about zaxbys

fun facts about zaxbys


Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 2: the first opening of Zaxby’s

In March 1990, Statesboro, Georgia featured the first restaurant from Zaxby’s.

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 3: the first opening of Zaxby’s outside Georgia

In September 1994, the company’s restaurant decided to expand the venture by opening Zaxby’s in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was the first restaurant outside Georgia.

zaxbys foods

zaxbys foods

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 4: the today’s operation of Zaxby’s

Today, there are at least 18 states in US with Zaxby’s restaurants.

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 5: who were the founders of Zaxby’s?

Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley were the childhood friends who opened Zaxby’s. The location of the first restaurant in Georgia was close to Georgia Southern University Campus.

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 6: the casual vibe

Zaxby’s presents the casual vibe in their restaurants. The appetizers, salads, sandwiches, chicken wings and chicken fingers will be prepared at order.

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 7: the dipping sauce

There are several ranges of Zaxby’s dipping sauces. You can pick the “Insane, “Nuclear”, “Zax Sauce and mild one.

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 8: the theme and decor of Zaxby’s restaurant

The theme and decoration of Zaxby’s restaurants will be different based on the regions and locations. Most of them feature the signs and objects. The location of Zaxby’s in Florida features the citrus industry theme.

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 9: the commercials

The commercials of Zaxby’s were launched in the end of 2007 where the menu of Zaxby’s was eaten by celebrities. Some of the celebrities include David Garrard, Herschel Walker, Bobby Allison and Paul Sorvino.

zaxbys logo

zaxbys logo

Fun Facts about Zaxby’s 10: the sponsor

Zaxby’s sponsors various brands such as John Wes Townley and the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

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