10 Fun Facts about Zante

The fun facts about Zante are worth to read. Zante or Zakynthos is a beautiful Greek island. Many people recognize it as the best summer destination. Regardless of its beauty, you may need to know more about Zante.

Fun Facts about Zante 1: the Levante Flower

Zante is rich in flora or vegetation. Tourists often visit it during spring so they can witness numerous species of flowers. Zakynthos is actually an island of the flower. There are many colorful flowers here. Zante is also called Levante Flower or Fioro of Levante.

Fun Facts about Zante 2: Earthquakes are Common

There were many devastating earthquakes in Zante. One of them was in August 1953. It caused much destruction on this island. The earthquake was felt all over the island. In fact, there were only 3 buildings left surviving after the tragedy.

Zante Location

Zante Location

Fun Facts about Zante 3: the God of Wine

Zante Island is famous for its wine. This explains why people in Zante were worshiping the God of wine (Dionysus). This is a catchy name. There was a famous poet namely Dionysios Solomos. He was the one who wrote national anthem of Greek.

Fun Facts about Zante 4: Zante National Marine Park

There is a famous tourist attraction in Zante. The name is Zakynthos National Marine Park. It opens for public. You can see Caretta sea turtle here. The park is meant to be the conservation place for this turtle.

Zante aerial view

Zante aerial view

Fun Facts about Zante 5: the Island of Serenade

Next, Zante is also called the Island of songs. You may expect many local songs and serenades in done by some local musicians here. They often perform in public places like restaurants, streets, etc. Some of them also perform on festivals.

Fun Facts about Zante 6: Zante in an Ancient Time

There were traces that Zante was populated from the Neolithic period. The prehistoric name of the island was Yria. Some historians said that the first inhabitants came from the Peloponnese.

Faneromeni church

Faneromeni church

Fun Facts about Zante 7:  the Independence

Ithaca was the ruler of Zante. Later, local people gained independence and applied democracy system on the island. Unfortunately, Hannibal invaded this island and caused the Punic war II against the Romans.

Fun Facts about Zante 8: the Athenian Alliance

Zante formed an alliance with Athenian. Though, it didn’t last long. The next rulers of Zante were the Spartans. Unfortunatelly, the Romans took it over.

Loggerhead sea turtle

Loggerhead sea turtle

Fun Facts about Zante 9: the Venetian

Turkish never ruled Zante. Instead, it was the Venetian. Zante Island was under Venetian’s reign for more than 300 years. There were some categories of residents back then. They were aristocrats, ordinary people, and the middle class.

Fun Facts about Zante 10: Skordostoumpi

Zante Island is also famous for its local foods. Skordostoumpi is the most popular one. It is made of garlic, aubergines, and meat. The other foods are Ladotyri, Mytzithra, and cheese. As mentioned earlier, Zante is a good wine producer too.

Cliffs and stones arches

Cliffs and stones arches

Are you interested in visiting Zante? It’s better to learn more information before you go there. The island offers numerous attractions and trivia. At least, you need to read these fun facts about Zante.

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